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HD Lipo 360 - 25% off OR Free BBL with 360 Lipo

Have you dreamed of a beautiful shape or a masterful physique? Not everyone can spend the time in the gym or live the rigorous lifestyle that requires.

Whether you are a woman that desires more curves and a killer shape or who wants to regain your pre-pregnancy figure, ask yourself, "Is this my time? What am I waiting for?" Dr. Arian Mowlavi's proprietary High Definition Mommy Makeover is NOT your mother's mommy makeover!

Perhaps you are a man that wants Dr. Mowlavi's amazing Armored Chest "Superhero" six-pack...he can fulfill your dreams.

Now you can put yourself in the hands of a surgeon that is an artist and a perfectionist.

No more area-by-area pricing and piecemeal cosmetic surgery. With High Definition 360 Liposuction, you will look amazing from all angles. Dr. Mowlavi and his team will do 360 HD Lipo, shoulder to knees, to balance your proportions and create an eye-popping result.

Your choice:

  • 360 HD Lipo with %25 off
  • 360 HD Lipo with a free BBL for men and women (no discount)

There is a limited number of 360 HD Lipo with 25% off so be sure and fill out the request for a virtual or in-person consultation today. Please note:

  • The consult fee is $100. This fee is refunded if you book surgery.

But first...

Meet Dr. Arian Mowlavi:

  • He produces stunning body sculpting results
  • He is an international renown plastic surgeon and world-famous body sculptor
  • Trains other cosmetic and plastic surgeons to do HD Lipo and BBL's with fat transfer
  • Is one of a handful of VASER HD Lipo trainers in the entire US
  • Does magic with the skin tightening with Renuvion J Plasma skin tightening
    • Trains other surgeons on how to utilize Renuvion to produce amazing results
  • Is the author of the book, High Definition Liposuction
  • Speaks nationally on the topic HD Lipo and his techniques
  • Does 200 Brazilian butt lifts a year

Masterful at High Definition Liposuction 360:

  • Utilizes circumferential liposculpture for a beautiful, balanced body
  • Created the HD Body Scale and surgical algorithm
  • World-class results VASER ultrasound-assisted liposuction
  • Offers scarless skin tightening™ using Renuvion technology
  • Produces stunning body transformations!

Developed the "Gold Standard" for Brazilian butt lift surgery:

  • Optimized fat viability
    • Gentle harvesting of fat using VASER technology on the procedure
      Closed-loop system to minimize the risk of contamination
  • Ideal body and buttock shape and size sculpting
    • Utilizing body and buttock assessment tool
    • Possessing an artistic eye when contouring
    • Remove fat from other areas of your body are purified for injection into your buttocks to have the perfect Brazilian Butt Lift


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Dr. Mowlavi the sculptor
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